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Glass Bell Jar Garden Cloche

All The Uses Of Bell Jars

Cloches are timeless. Used in the past to protect frost intolerant seedlings, their uses have expanded to include protecting fragile treasures from dust or cookies from drying out. Use for everyday or the holidays. So versatile!

Not only do these Bell Jars protect garden seedlings outdoors, inside their uses are unlimited. They keep prized figurines dust free. At Christmas time, use them to cover your Christmas Santas or Belsnickles. Or fill with prized glass ornaments, set a plate over the opening and invert to display the ornaments in all their glory. Create a miniature diorama or Christmas scene complete with mica on a cake plate and cover with the bell jar to make dusting easier.

Its no wonder the antique bell jars, though hard to find, fetch such high dollars. They're both beautiful and practical.