We believe your home is the very essence of who you are, your castle, your haven, the core and foundation of your family. Each home is unique and personal, filled with and because of, family traditions and beautiful things.

You, our customers, are our most valuable asset. Your needs are most important with each decision we make, whether we're deciding on product lines, or ways of packaging for shipment. We welcome and encourage you to contact us with comments, suggestions, issues...especially issues...so we can learn and become better merchants.

Since 1999, Hometraditions has strived to bring you the very things that inspire and cheer, things with good value and long-lasting appeal.

We know we can't do it all, but more than anything, we hope your experience shopping with us is the best it can possibly be.

While Hometraditions is solely owned by Ann Keller, there are various talented individuals who provide products that make this company unique and very special.

Dennis Bauer creates museum-quality feather trees. Amy Smith is the designer behind the little Putz cardboard house kits. Bonnie Wolfe is the artist of one-of-a-kind folkart. Lindsay Minard creates amazingly tiny Moravian Stars. Samantha Claus designs and assembles one-of-a-kind dresden scrap snowflake ornaments. And I create the minature feather trees, having apprenticed under Dennis Bauer. All of these artists reside in the USA.

Side note: This picture was taken in Aberlour Scotland where my ancestors were ministers, and are buried.