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A Private Collection in Wisconsin

You may recognize this Holiday Home from when it graced the pages of Early American Life (December issue in 2008).
This family home is not antique, but a newer Saltbox that is done so well, it could fool the experts.

Old Christmas Displays

1910-20 German Santa candy container, 27 in. tall.
Reindeer are German 1910-20 and about 16-17 inches tall

Six foot German feather tree decorated with 1881-1920 wire-wrapped ornaments.
Antique German toys in 1800 cupboard.

5 ft. German feather tree decorated with early German 1890-1910 Dresden trimmed
cornucopias, crepe skirt scrap of Victorian girls as a tree topper

Patriotic theme on 1950's plastic type of 6 ft. white tree.
Antique red, white, and blue bunting at base.
Ornaments are from 1890-1950.
Early Santa crepe skirt scrap on 1790's corner cupboard.

3 ft. 1920-30 white feather tree. Antique musical stand, plays 2 tunes.
Decorated with all Santa ornaments 1890-1930.
Santa 1920-30's wagon with German pull toy horse.
Fenced in with a 1920's German feather tree fence.

Tree decorated with matchless stars and all cotton ornaments from 1890-1930.
Home-made lighted large tree stand made about 1920-30's.

Walk in fireplace decorated with 1900 stocking with antique toys.
3 belsnickles (white, 13") (gold 10")( red and blue 9") all around 1890-1910.
Bliss Bob Cratchet with tiny Tim from 1920-30's, German houses with small decorated trees,
1920's. French Pere Noel with basket 18'' around 1900-1910.
Antique pewter and accessories. Chair is a 1780-90 slat back arm chair.

1910-15 German Santa in loofta sleigh with 8 reindeer.
Wooden German house.
Several German decorated feather trees with early ornaments.
Fence is about 1920-30.

Bliss doll house in snow scene with antique children on sleighs.
German feather tree is 6 ft. decorated with early wire-wraps,
double balloons, wire wrapped Santa in airplanes
and more transportation ornaments.
Tree stand is an early chimney with fence around

1890-1910 German caribous pulling Santa in loofta sleigh.
German stick fence surrounding it.
Small German decorated tree.